Repositioning online wine auctions from ‘bargain’ to ‘higher tastes’

To create a brand from scratch that would reposition online wine auctions from ‘bargain’ to ‘higher tastes’. By demerging the wine auctions from the rest of the GraysOnline products it was hoped to elevate the positioning of the auction house wine and broaden its appeal.

Brand Strategy
Brand Story
Brand Design
Web Design

Brand Strategy

Through brand workshops and mood board development we landed on the essence of the brand being 'Guided Discovery of Great Value'.

Brand Personality was inspired by the British adventurer, 'Bear' Grylls...

  • • Down-To-Earth
  • • Adventurous
  • • Passionate
  • • Well-connected (but doesn’t boast about it)
  • • Sharer/Guide/Helpful/Curator/Influential
  • • Innovative/Entrepreneurial
  • • Independent

Brand Rationale

The wine ‘drop’ appeals to the ideal customer - they are not wine snobs but everyday drinkers. While the brand positioning 'Worth every drop' helps to elevate the perception of quality helping increase the average bottle price. This was one of 40 taglines brainstormed. ‘More than you bargained for’ was a close runner-up.

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Video with Promotional Offer

We partnered with 'Contently' to deliver an on-brand video offer to engage existing and new customers as part of the launch for the new website.


Elevating the brand position had a direct impact on average bottle price

GraysOnline has long heritage in Australia of bringing together buyers and sellers in the most efficient way possible - via auction. Since 2000, GraysOnline have been auctioning wine online to become one of the largest web-based wine channels by volume. Being such a specific audience the business wanted to create a dedicated wine site to de-noise the offer amongst other categories. A new brand from scratch was required. From developing the brand purpose - 'We help Australia’s wine lovers discover their next favourite drop for a bargain price', we then explored mood boards to land on the right brand territory. A variety of brand concepts were developed including logos, colour palettes and typography. The approved brand was then developed into a new website.

% increase in average bottle price
Compared to previous merged brand
I have worked on numerous projects with Belong Creative and they have always exceeded my expectations in delivering quality work on time and within budget. Personable, patient and reliable - Simon is definitely someone I would recommend.
Rie Kubo

Digital Marketing Manager, GraysOnline