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To position CXC as a truly global business with operations in 64 countries worldwide. A mature and sophisticated looking brand was required to reflect the company’s market leader status and reputation with clients.

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Brand Design
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Logo Development

To move forward, to progress, is human nature, whether it be in our individual work lives or as a business. This is represented by an arrow symbol which suggests forward progression. 

But we can’t do it alone. The eXchange of people, technology, systems and ideas must come together, in a meaningful way, to break through the barriers of an ever-changing world, in order to enable that progress. 

This eXchange is represented by an X, symbolising a connection, and integrates with the arrow. This suggests forward progression achieved through an exchange. 

At CXC Global we enable the connection between the Corporate and the Contractor. We are the bridge, the glue, the gap-filler, the binding, the rigour, the smarts, the infrastructure, the assurance and the clarity that is the stable platform from which sustainable progress springs. 

The two ‘C’s representing Corporations and Contractors are united by an eXchange that results in a positive achievement that is greater than the sum of its parts.


A new visual design that is authentic, contemporary and striking.

Our scope of work included internal and external research, logo refresh, interactive brand guidelines, presentation documents and online landing pages. One of the key deliverables was a striking and ownable set of brand imagery that was unified in its look yet adaptable to suit different geographic markets.

Page interactive style guide
For a memorable, consistent and relevant brand experience

An interactive style guide

One of the key deliverables for CXC was a comprehensive style guide. We produced a 60 page document with interactive menu and navigation tools to help users easily move to the section they were looking for. Sections included Brand Essence, Logo, Colour Palette, Typography, Tone of Voice, Photography Style, Icons and Graphics and Marketing Collateral from corporate stationery to powerpoint templates and sales presenters.

As a company that prides itself on being a pioneer in our industry, CXC is very happy with the modern transformation that Belong Creative has given to our branding. Our new visual design is contemporary, striking and represents CXC’s identity.
Paul Chiswick

Corporate Solutions Director, CXC