Bringing city amenity to life

DTZ on behalf of their client, required an on-floor marketing campaign for 60 Castlereagh St to assist in the leasing process. A storage room wall was considered a visual deterrent which also had to be addressed. The solution had to be inspiring and practical in its application.

Logo Redevelopment
Marketing Suite Design and Production
Information Memorandum
Marketing Display Suite

An extensive 27m x 2.5m wall was covered in high-end decals, perspex displays, 3D lazer-cut lettering and pop-out boards to take prospective tenants on a compelling journey to the leasing deal.

Bringing the local amenity to life

To better convey the benefits of the location, we took a range of new lifestyle photos around the property that showed the vibrancy of retail and food and proximity to public transport so close by.


Bringing the best of city life to the leasing deal

A strong, bold graphic approach using newly-shot lifestyle photography that helped sell the location, along with 3D elements such as text, logos and images gave the ‘marketing wall’ a cohesive and tactile story. The ‘journey’ drew potential tenants into a more practical sales area, which displayed various office fit-outs and allowed for space for a table and chairs to sign-off on the contract. • Property Logo • Marketing suite • Information Memorandum

metres of artwork
Marketing display suite