Turning pioneering ideas into life-changing solutions

Bayer knew their employees were engaged but wanted to understand more deeply why. An Employee Value Proposition was required to bring to life what people valued working at Bayer. 

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I enjoy the freedom to question the status quo and think ahead. I engage in inspiring work with people who share my passion to turn pioneering ideas into life-changing solutions. By building caring relationships and listening to my customers’ needs, I can innovate, inspired by society’s most fascinating challenges. I feel empowered to make an impact as part of a leading company that has the ability to change lives for the better. I am Science For A Better Life. I am Bayer.


One passion. Many possibilities.

We embarked on a research program that spanned 2 countries (Aus & NZ), 4 divisions, 9 offices - 111 focus group participants, 19 phone interviews and 12 face-to-face interviews. Our research discovered that it was employees’ passion for meaningful work (making a difference to life) and the diverse opportunities that Bayer provides; its global knowledge networks and wide variety of trusted products that excited, engaged, retained and motivated employees. Along with a Talent Tagline - 'One passion. Many possibilities' we wrote an EVP statement which was written in first person, much like a mantra, giving it a sense of personal intimacy. We also developed iconography and EVP-focussed booklets that aligned with imagery from the different divisions of Bayer.

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