Localising EVP messages across Asia

What’s it like to work at Allianz? With most people still working from home due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, showcasing people at work was a challenge. Campaign objectives were to be able to localise the campaign for specific countries across Asia. The idea had to be simple and visually engaging.

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Delivering a simple, yet effective creative approach with flex

From a supplied collection of Allianz people stories, we extracted key employee value propositions for 9 operating entities across Asia. We then developed a series of animations that combined localised propositions with existing people photos. The campaign was promoted through Allianz’s global Instagram channel. Additionally to this campaign we support Allianz with digital banners, brochures and creative assets that help promote their employee benefits and value propositions.

Country-based Value Proposition Messages
Supporting Allianz to localise their EVP across Asia

Bringing the Employer Brand to life

We also support Allianz with rolling out collateral to support their Employer Brand story. This includes projects such as benefit brochures, digital banners, job banners, ATS banners and landing page collateral.

The team delivered a simple, yet effective creative approach that could flex across 9 different countries. The up-front strategic deep dive into identifying the career themes was invaluable to setting up the project and keeping messaging consistent, single-minded and clear.
Kara McLeod

Regional Employer Branding | Asia-Pacific, Allianz Australia Insurance