Corporate Videography

Attract, surprise and delight with corporate videographer services and TV production.

We love coming up with the big idea. Be it brand-led to build awareness, or tactical to drive customer or talent acquisition, we turn to video or TV ad production as the centre-piece of your campaign.

Starting with a script or interview questions that will bring your value proposition to life, we then make it all happen smoothly for you through high-quality video production services.

As an experienced corporate videographer service based in Sydney we have been creating video and TV commercials since 2009 for some of Australia’s leading brands in property, employment and retail.

The rise of social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook has elevated the significance of corporate videos as a prominent form of content creation. This trend enables brands to enhance their corporate engagement and bolster their overall brand presence.

At Belong Creative we can help you enhance brand awareness and engagement through the use of our corporate videography services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corporate Video production?

Enterprises constantly seek novel approaches to promote their brand, and video production presents an effective strategy for achieving this objective. 

The production of corporate videos is gaining traction as an effective means of presenting how a business operates in an engaging format that frequently piques the curiosity of prospective customers or employees.

What is the process of creating Corporate Videos?

The initial stage of our production cycle involves Pre-Production, where we establish a cohesive strategy and objectives for the project. 

This encompasses the identification of potential interviews or voiceovers required, along with selecting specific locations that must exhibit optimal visual appeal upon completion. 

Subsequently, we collaborate with our clients to define budgets and establish timelines. During this stage, clients may also provide their insights on casting decisions and other crucial details to ensure that every aspect gets seamlessly incorporated into the final product. 

Production is the shoot itself, which may be half-day, full-day or multiple days at one or various locations, such as a business’s office, or a professional studio.

Lastly, we edit and thoroughly review the videos during post-production, examining their alignment with your marketing goals and taking any necessary measures to enhance their effectiveness.

What types of videos are included as part of video production services?

The spectrum of corporate video offerings encompasses an array of dynamic formats, including but not limited to training programs, comprehensive corporate overviews, informational explainer videos, product showcases, promotional content, captivating animation features, and authentic customer and employee testimonials. 

Our expertly crafted visuals and messaging ensure an impactful and engaging production that effectively conveys your brand's unique identity and value proposition.

How much does corporate video production service cost?

The optimal cost is contingent upon your video content's duration, talent and location requirements, specifications and classification. At Belong Creative we provide an itemised quote upfront before starting any video production.