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5 Steps to developing a winning Employer Branding Strategy

Organisations in a competitive environment such as today, need help to attract, retain, and motivate employees to work for them. That’s where Employer Branding can help. 

If you want to retain and attract the right workforce for your organisation, investing in Employer Branding is the ideal solution. Employer Branding is how current and prospective employees perceive your company as an employer and the experience you offer.

This means communicating clearly with current and potential employees about your values, culture, and future direction in order to attract them to fill your open job positions. A well considered strategy not only helps with the recruitment process but it creates an identity in the minds of potential candidates to choose you as an employer over competitors.

There are some compelling statistics that reinforce how important it is to build a strong Employer Brand, such as:

Most employees (92%) have indicated that they would contemplate leaving their current organisation if presented with a better prospect from another employer with an exceptional reputation. 

The most sought-after employers across the globe regard Employer Branding as their highest priority (97%), while the same percentage of employees have expressed that they would turn down a job offer from a less reputable employer.

5 ways to build a winning Employer Branding Strategy

Considering what we tackled above, there is no room to leave your Employer Brand to chance. Taking the initiative to create a well-defined Employer Branding strategy will be beneficial because it will simplify your talent attraction process while ensuring alignment with company and talent objectives. 

Below are the 5 steps to create a winning Employer Branding strategy:

Why is it important to have an Employer Branding Strategy?

Your Employer Branding strategy not only helps your HR department by boosting the quality and volume of candidates but also provides impetus to overall profitability by attracting, engaging and retaining the right employees. The following are important benefits of having a good Employer Branding strategy:

Attracts top talent: A strong employer brand can attract high-quality job seekers and help your organization stand out from competitors.

Increases employee engagement and retention: Employees are more likely to stay with a company they perceive as a good place to work, and a strong employer brand can foster a sense of pride and loyalty.

Improves company reputation: A positive reputation as an employer can improve your overall brand image and reputation in the eyes of customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Reduces recruitment costs: A strong employer brand can make recruitment easier and more efficient, reducing the time and resources needed to fill open positions.

Supports diversity and inclusion efforts: A strong employer brand that emphasises inclusiveness and diversity can help attract a wider pool of candidates, which can benefit your organisation in many ways.              

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Article by Simon Druery

Simon Druery is Director and Brand Strategist at Belong Creative. What gets him jumping out of bed each day is helping business owners and marketers craft brands that people want to belong to. When he’s not working you can find him travelling Australia in the family caravan and enjoying a tawny port by the fire.