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The Bolognese Philosophy - born from a widow's lesson and a bowl of bolognese

A powerfully simple approach make time for whatever warms your heart and nourishes your soul, help others do the same, lead from where you are.

Kaz was a workaholic. Dedicated to her job at an advertising agency, she very nearly missed the very last meal she shared with her husband before losing him in an accident the next day. That meal was his home-cooked Bolognese. And so The Bolognese Philosophy was born, inspired by a true story and turned into a guiding principle to help individuals and businesses together to lead us into a new era.  

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In short ...

What is her intent:

Create a new standard of workplace care and break the endless cycle of overwork.

What does it mean:

We make the time for what warms our hearts and nourishes our souls, and help others do the same.

How do we do it:

As individuals and a team you commit to being:

Boundary setters - You champion productivity during work hours

Guardian creators - You protect each other's time for rest, be with loved ones, and passion pursuits

Kaz's emotional story was a catalyst for us at Belong Creative to lay bare and recognise we too had been guilty of putting work before our marriage, family or even our own well-being. That could have been me moment hit us hard, and so we decided to share and commit to how we want to work, live and move forward.

Bolognese time is now being served at Belong Creative.

For Simon it's ...

6-7am - When I go for an early morning run, watch the sun come up, and do some journaling and meditating I find I have so much energy for the day. I enjoy the quietness of this time that's just for me.

2:50-3:30pm - I often enjoy picking up the kids from school. It gets me outside. Feeling their energy and hearing about their day is always uplifting.

5-6:30pm - A busy time with 3 kids! Cooking for me is a bit of creative expression. (FYI - I'm a messy cook) I do enjoy it - 'most of the time'. Taking the time to create a variety of healthy dinners for the family is important to me. We always eat together at the family table; a tradition I grew up with and protect. It's a special time for us to share and connect.

8-10pm - This is when Kirrily and I wind down. I make our ritual cup of tea and we watch the latest hot show on Netflix - usually a murder mystery or medical drama. Sci-fi if I'm lucky!  

Outside of 'times of day', I would say any time we are away camping with family and friends is a special time for rest, rejuvenation and seeing and experiencing new parts of Australia. And any time I get to do art. painting, or drawing is a passion I like to fulfill whenever I can.  

For Andrea it's ...

6-7am - I love to start my day with some exercise, choosing between some Yoga, Cardo, Boxing or a walk to enjoy the sunrise. Its a beautiful way to capture some me time before my day starts.

Monday nights - Is traditionally 'family night' were we get to indulge in my Mum's cooking having dinner at my parents house, its a lovely way to catch up with them and my brother.

Most nights - We enjoy dinner together as a family, we will sit around the table and chatting about our day.

Weekends - The kids are usually working so it's a nice time for my husband, Simon and I to find new areas to walk and explore or catch up with friends.

As much as possible - I try to connect and bond with my family and friends, it's what makes my life whole.

For Kirrily it’s ...

7-9am - getting ready for the day with the kids, being there for them and setting them up for a great day.

9-10am - this is when the kids are at school and there is quiet and space. This is when I like to have space for me. How I fill that is different depending on how I feel. Sometimes a walk, a phone call with my Mum, or just getting small things done. The main thing is it’s my time to spend how I choose, with no expectations.

Saturday nights - this is the time we normally have an easy dinner and watch a movie with the kids which is always nice and relaxing.

Other than that I love driving in the car with my kids, especially if it’s just one of them. This is always a great time to talk and connect. There’s something about driving that makes it a safer place to chat. Perhaps it’s less intense because we don’t have to look at each other. We have some big and meaningful chats in the car.

Of course then there’s caravan time, my happy place. Probably the best time is at the end of the day when we’ve been to the beach, the suns still up, we’re under the awning of the van with a happy hour platter and some drinks. Nowhere to go, nothing to do - just be. 

For Karen it’s ...

7-8am - I salute the sun and treat myself to a yoga practice with music that gives me an energy rush

Friday mornings - is a special time with my husband, Perry, over breakfast (which he cooks!)

Saturday mornings - I seek out my biophilia fix and go bushwalking with my ‘Sole Sisters’

As much as possible - I go on microadventures with friends and family to bond and laugh

When’s your Bolognese time? Can you commit to sharing and upholding your special time?

Let us know how we can honour YOUR time, rest and life outside work.

Reach out and let me know as we genuinely want to help support you in creating the space you need.

And why not share it with your own teams so together we can all show up fully present for everyone around us.

To help share your commitment there are free templates you can also access here:

Article by Karen Lee

Karen Lee is the lead Client Solutions team member at Belong Creative. She gets immense satisfaction helping resource-challenged marketing teams and business owners deliver their projects and bring their brand to life. She’s always up for an adventure be it on her bike, vicariously through a book or hiking with her Sole Sisters.