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Best Practice Tips for your Internal Communications

Mastering the art of internal communications is essential to help organisations and their people adapt to constant change. When done well, internal communication can help align people towards a common goal and streamline their ways of working. The alternative can lead to confusion, rework, and low morale, ultimately impacting performance.

At Belong Creative, we’ve helped organisations of all sizes create internal communications that support organisational objectives and help drive performance. In this article, we share internal communications Best Practice tips we've found to be the most helpful.

Recognising the importance of Internal Communication strategy

With organisations facing constant and rapid change, the stakes for effective internal communications strategies have never been higher. The right strategies can help create a positive work culture, spark innovation, and drive performance, even amongst ongoing change. By helping engage and bring people together across your organisation, effective internal communication lays the groundwork for the ongoing success and adaptability of your organisation.

Internal communication strategies can be used to:

1. Improve employee engagement

2. Reduce employee attrition

3. Attract new talent

4. Promote wellbeing

5. Improve productivity

6. Improve agility 

7. Support change initiatives


Following a Best Practice approach to developing Internal Communications

When developing an internal communications strategy, there are some key best practice steps to keep in mind.

Reviewing your internal communications

Organisations are constantly forced to respond and adapt to change. These changes can come from a number of different influences, including: 

1. Technological advancements - Developments in mobile apps, AI, and cyber security demand changes in communications and processes for both your customers and employees.

2. Social trends - Expectations around work and the customer and employee experience continually set new standards organisations must meet to stay competitive. 

3. Legislative changes - Mandatory changes can be industry-specific, or they can apply broadly to the business world, such as legislation around employee practices, privacy and the use of technology.

Because of this ongoing change, it’s important to keep in mind that your internal communication can never be a set-and-forget exercise. To ensure your organisation is responding effectively to change, you’ll need to regularly reassess and update your internal communications. Regular reviews can help ensure your internal communications strategies are relevant, effective and aligned with your organisational objectives.  

Connecting with your employees

Creating communications that connect with and are understood by your employees is critical for any internal communications strategy to work. This helps spread key messages, drives employee engagement, and encourages employee feedback. Feedback is especially important when evaluating the success of your internal communications strategy and helps to guide readjustments along the way. 

To create internal communications that connect with your employees, consider the suggestions below:

1. Follow the principles of clarity, conciseness, connection, conversational tone, and correctness.

2. Always link back to your organisational objectives. 

3. Incorporate technology into your communication channels. 

4. Consider inclusivity and ensure you cater to the needs of a diverse workforce. 

5. Cater to both in-office and remote employees and teams. 

6. Measure success by tracking metrics such as email open rates, engagement, and productivity. 

7. Actively promote a 360-degree feedback system. 

Are you serious about internal communications?

As organisations strive to perform, it's crucial to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and working towards the same goals. When confusion, suspicion, and conflict arise, chaos can quickly follow. The leading cause of these issues is often a lack of strong internal communication.

That's where Belong Creative can help. Our team has a proven track record of helping organisations craft effective internal communication strategies that promote alignment, foster a positive workplace culture and support growth. To learn more, schedule an appointment with one of our communications specialists. 

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Article by Simon Druery

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