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Elevating your corporate image: How videography can showcase your company's values

In a world with a growing demand for video content, corporate videos have become crucial for brands looking to communicate their culture and values. Because it’s no longer enough to say what your culture and values are, you also need to show it. As a dynamic, engaging medium, video can help paint a vivid picture of your company culture like no other medium. 

At Belong Creative, we specialise in helping companies tell their unique brand story through videos that showcase their values and culture. In this article, we highlight the power of video, how you can use video to communicate your culture, and the benefits you can expect. 

The insatiable demand for video

The spike in demand for video content has turned video into a medium that companies can no longer ignore. The latest research shows consumers watch 19 hours of online video content weekly. In fact, 81% of consumers want more videos from brands, but many rarely or never get them. Brands willing to meet this demand can carve a significant competitive advantage by approaching video with a strategic and creative eye. 

Types of videos that showcase your company culture

Corporate culture can be hard to define and even harder to communicate. It’s why videos, with their blend of visuals, audio and text, can capture the essence of your brand in ways no other medium can. Here are a few examples of company culture you can showcase through video:

The benefits of using video to communicate company culture

1. Humanise your brand

Videos can give your brand a human-like personality and foster emotional connections with the audience. Showcasing your company’s values, culture and unique offerings, can create strong engagement and establish a distinctive brand image. 

2. Attract talent

Videos can differentiate your company from its competitors and share what you offer potential employees. For example,  you can show how HR policies contribute to employee wellbeing and career development and how the team works together to achieve common goals. 

3. Tell your brand story

A brand story video highlights your company values, what you stand for, and your purpose. It offers a creative and engaging approach to set your brand apart from competitors. Brand storytelling videos can be used to appeal to both prospective customers and recruitment candidates.

4. Create emotional connections

A well-crafted script and execution can convey facts and values that resonate with your audience. The key to building these emotional connections lies in delivering a video that is authentic and relatable, speaking directly to your audience’s core values. This helps to build connections on a deeper level and helps reinforce your key messages. 

5. Attract new customers

Video has several advantages over other forms of content when it comes to attracting customers:

a. It can capture people's attention for extended periods, leading to higher engagement and lower bounce rates.

b. It can help explain products and services more effectively than text or images.

c. It can personalise campaign content, increasing trust and the chances of conversion.

Embracing video in your communications strategy

Incorporating videography into your communications is a strategic move that can create a strong brand identity and drive engagement. At Belong Creative, we craft videos that powerfully communicate company culture and engage with the right people. Take the first step towards a stronger brand by contacting us today.

Article by Simon Druery

Simon Druery is Director and Brand Strategist at Belong Creative. What gets him jumping out of bed each day is helping business owners and marketers craft brands that people want to belong to. When he’s not working you can find him travelling Australia in the family caravan and enjoying a tawny port by the fire.