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How Employer Branding can impact employee retention and satisfaction

Creating a positive employee experience is critical in human resources and recruitment. HR professionals and recruiters should be aware of their working environment's impact on their employees' satisfaction and retention. An authentic Employer Brand can be the deciding factor in attracting the right type and quality of talent but can also influence current employees as a reminder of what they value about working in any given organisation. An insight-led Employee Value Proposition can help build a committed group of employees to support the company's vision, values and goals.

It is essential to know how your employees feel about their employment experience, which is represented in your Employer Brand and to know whether it's good, bad or indifferent. If it's terrible, you must rethink how to shape your employee experience and help your employees feel good about working at your organisation. What you're trying to uncover is the gap between what you are offering in your Employer Brand and the actual experience that employees really value. Once these insights are revealed your Employer Brand can act as a cultural transformer and amplifier. 

Belong Creative helps businesses create strategic-led Employer Brands that can help improve the employee experience by reinforcing the things they value.

Connection between Employer Branding and employee retention

As businesses become more competitive, investing in employee retention has become more of a necessity. Finding quality employees is costly and can be simplified by retaining the talent already in the company. Furthermore, having great employees in the workplace can be beneficial in creating a pleasant atmosphere, making it more likely for similar skills to be attracted to the organisation and increasing productivity.

Employers must ensure they provide an engaging and effective workplace environment to keep top talent. According to LinkedIn, a lack of work-life balance, fair compensation, and positive company culture are the main reasons employees leave their jobs. 

Therefore, it's essential to provide a workplace and culture where talented individuals actually want to be a part of, rather than just offering a competitive salary and a few perks. Your Employer Brand can act as powerful communication tool to reinforce the benefits, both tangible and intangible about your company. So when employees start thinking about leaving, the Employer Brand can help embed their loyalty or even increase productivity. On the flip side, your Employer Brand can also be used to force natural attrition of employees who may not value where the organisation is headed or what your team values. And this can equally be of benefit to the organisation by organically removing underperforming headcount.  

Impact of Employer Branding on employee satisfaction

Employer Branding is essential in helping employers create a positive and satisfying workplace for their employees. Through Employer Branding, companies can enhance their image and establish a robust employer-employee relationship, increasing job satisfaction. This can be achieved through authentic communication and engagement efforts, such as opening dialogue with employees, listening to their needs and creating a more positive and satisfying work experience.

Employer Branding captures all the positive (and uniquely challenging) aspects of your employee experience. It balances the ‘give’ and the ‘get’ from articulating tangible benefits like perks, discounts, flexibility, recognition and rewards through to intangible benefits such as a friendly, inclusive culture and approachable, accessible leaders.  

Showcasing these Employer Branding benefits and operationalising them throughout your organisation can help create a workplace where employees are happy and motivated, resulting in greater job satisfaction.

Strategies for building a magnetic Employer Brand

If you want your employees to be more satisfied, creating an authentic Employer Brand that reflects what they value, can act as a magnetic to both attract new talent and retain your existing ones.  Here are the basic steps involved in crafting a magnetic Employer Brand:

The significant benefits of Employer Branding are :

It helps attract top talent

With Employer Branding becoming increasingly important for CEOs, HR, and marketing leaders, companies are looking to create a strategic-led Employer Brand that potential candidates and employees can access online, anytime. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 84% of organisations use social media to bring in new talent and connect with passive candidates since 79% of candidates use social media during job searches (Source).

It reduces the attrition rate

Your Employer Brand and how it is communicated among employees can have a significant influence on the relationship between your organisation and your employees.

It gives you the ability to showcase what sets you apart as an employer, why you're the ideal place to work and how you show appreciation to your employees. Reminding employees of these important values can help reduce your attrition rate. However, the power of an authentic Employer Brand (i.e. warts and all) means when candidates sign-up to your promise they know what they are in for. Being real upfront in your Employer Brand can significantly turn the tide on poor attrition rates and mitigate employees leaving because the promise didn’t match reality.

It keeps the employees happy and satisfied

An authentic Employer Brand is essential for ensuring a clear dialogue between the company and potential employees. 

This vital communication supports internal employees, helping them feel seen, cared for and valued. When employees feel recognised and rewarded for all their hard work, it boosts happiness, satisfaction.

It improves the organisation's performance and productivity

Maintaining an excellent talent pool has the potential to give the business a significant edge over the competition while simultaneously reducing the cost of recruitment, onboarding and training. With an impressive retention rate, the company can develop a team of knowledgeable and skilled employees, leading to better overall performance and improved financial outcomes. 

Moreover, a successful Employer Brand can contribute to providing customers with an improved quality of service. By helping employees to be more content and engaged and have a greater sense of belonging, the Employer Brand supports discretionary effort from employees (going above and beyond) which leads to more satisfied customers and a healthier bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the components of an Employer Branding strategy?

The critical components of an Employer Branding strategy are:

1. Employee value proposition

2. Employee stories (aligned to value proposition)

3. Employee engagement

4. Employment marketing

5. Employee advocates

How do you measure retention with respect to Employer Branding?

To measure retention linked to your Employer Branding, you need to review your tenure and attrition rates before and after you deploy your communications. This needs to be done over time and consider societal and talent segment macro trends that may also have a positive or negative impact on these metrics.

How can Employer Branding help your company?

Employer Branding helps organisations attract, engage and retain the right employees to meet your organisational goals. It can assist in reducing attrition rates, minimising recruitment costs and boosting employee morale and even productivity, resulting in a better experience for your customers.

Article by Simon Druery

Simon Druery is Director and Brand Strategist at Belong Creative. What gets him jumping out of bed each day is helping business owners and marketers craft brands that people want to belong to. When he’s not working you can find him travelling Australia in the family caravan and enjoying a tawny port by the fire.