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Why Corporate Videography should be part of your Brand Strategy

The field of branding is increasingly turning to the power of video. But why? The answer is that above all other brand building tools, video is an incredibly dynamic storytelling medium, that effectively draws in prospective customers and guides them organically and seamlessly through the entire customer journey. A well-crafted corporate video can serve as the cornerstone of your branding efforts, providing a concise and compelling explanation of your unique value proposition. With its remarkable effectiveness and versatility, video marketing has emerged as a driver of growth in the digital age, rapidly eclipsing other media formats in terms of consumer engagement and internet usage.

Corporate videography provides brand messaging to your internal and external customers. It helps in building brands by:

1. Engaging your audience

2. Showcasing your products or services

3. Telling a deeper, richer brand story

4. Generating leads and converting them

5. Ranking your branded website on search engines

The power of video in brand storytelling

Brands need to showcase their effectiveness and superiority to the target audience. In recent years, videos have emerged as a powerful tool to engage and generate interest amongst audiences. Visual and auditory elements of video create an amazing atmosphere for providing excitement among customers to listen to a more involving story. There are various ways through which brands are using the power of videos in their branding campaigns. Below are some of the ways through which videos enhance branding:

Real-world examples of successful video storytelling

Casper: Product explainer video

The mattress business enterprise Casper created an explainer video that powerfully justifies their product going ‘behind the scenes’ as to the way the mattress is made. Through a combination of expert interviews and simple animations, the video provides trust and credibility showing how the design is based on purchaser studies and product engineering principles.

SCHLEIFRING: Brand awareness and product benefits video

Who knew that slip rings keep the world turning. Using corporate video, Schleifring combines stock video to create a more ‘worldy view’ of their product benefits and creating a more human connection to their brand. Adding 3D animation, the video helps the viewer experience how their technologies run quietly in the background and accompany your everyday life.

Square: User-case videos

With the help of a video, Square illustrated a scenario in which their Terminal product was used by a dry cleaner. The product is shown in the video to be both portable and a no-fee payment method for end users. Viewers can see how Square helps small businesses by making payments simpler by seeing how the product is used in a real case scenario.

Benefits of Corporate Videography

Are you unsure whether you should invest in a corporate video? There are many benefits a corporate video can have for your company.

How to integrate Corporate Videography into your Brand Strategy

Effective corporate videos can help increase your customer base, by incorporating this type of marketing content into your branding strategy. However, to attract the right customers, companies need to develop a smart corporate video strategy. There are many different aspects of making an impactful branded video to consider as part of your strategic approach:

Understanding your target audience

To create a suitable video that compliments your brand, you need to understand the desires, needs, obstacles and preferences of your target audience. Do they need certain products or services; which communication platforms do they use; how do they make purchase decisions; what are the obstacles? The answers to these questions can be the centrepiece to creating an impactful video that aligns with the brand and meets your project objectives.

Aligning video content with brand values and goals

Video content that aims to capture the attention of a target audience needs to communicate brand values i.e. what your brand stands for. Brand values come from the brand’s purpose, vision and personality. Whereas brand objectives are what you want the audience to take away or drive action, brand values are how you want them to feel about your brand when watching the video. It’s how the video is shot and comes across in terms of tonality. As an example an objective may be to increase new customer interactions with the brand, while a feeling your video offers may be curious, passionate, inclusive, caring, strong etc.   

Choosing the right type of video

After determining the purpose of creating the video, it's important to choose the right type of video content to maximise impact. There are various types of video content forms such as explainer videos, animated videos, webinars and testimonials or a hybrid of some of these formats. 

Selecting the right type of video approach that will resonate with your target audience and brand purpose will help ensure your video stands out and achieves the desired brand objectives.

Collaborating with professionals or leveraging in-house talent

There is a huge difference between creating an impactful video and just any video made without thought. To create a corporate video that delivers higher results for your brand, consider getting expert help. These experts may be within your organisation, or with an outside agency. External agencies also have a broad range of experience that can bring fresh ideas to your video output and access to a range of complimentary skills such as concept ideation, scriptwriting, casting, animation and cinematography. 

Best practices for Corporate Videography
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started with corporate videography?

To start with Corporate videography, it’s a good idea to learn the essentials of corporate video production. Consider asking for the help of experts if you get stuck in planning or creating an impactful video.

What types of videos can be created for corporate videography?

Corporate videography can include the following types of video:

1. Product videos

2. Training videos

3. Animated videos

4. Explainer videos

5. Demonstration videos

6. Onboarding videos

7. Live videos

8. Event videos

9. Announcement videos

10. Value and Behaviour videos

11. Culture videos

How do I measure the success of my corporate videography?

Measuring the success of your corporate video can be done using key performance indicators (KPIs) that you select for measuring impact against your project’s objectives. Example KPIs for measurement may be views, watch time, engagement (likes, comments, shares), new leads, or conversions.

How much does corporate videography cost?

The cost of video varies greatly and can depend on the duration, the equipment used, location and talent, animation quality and the editing required. Check out our helpful video guide with costed examples at

Article by Simon Druery

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