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6 Stages To Launching or Relaunching Your Brand

Are you launching a new, or refreshed brand? So where do you start? If you put in the work at the start and lay strong foundations you are more likely to succeed. A comprehensive plan is the best way to do this. Let's look at the Key Stages to help you take your stakeholders on the journey.

The 6 Stages of a Brand Launch

There can be a long list of elements connected to your brand, and even more if you are launching a totally new brand! We recommend structuring a comprehensive Brand Launch around 6 Key Stages which are:

1. Plan launch (to assign tasks, timing and budgets)

2. Build launch assets

3. Deploy pre-launch teasers (to build anticipation)

4. Launch internally

5. Launch externally

6. Re-iterate brand awareness

So where to start?

The best way to kick-off is to write a list of everything you can think of that will be affected by the new brand. This can vary depending on whether you are also changing your business name or just the look and feel of your brand.

Below are some checklists to help you build your plan and help highlight areas you need to plan for. Feel free to add to the lists or remove items that don’t apply to your business.

As you work through them try to compile all the information for each task to include:

• What it will cost?

• Who needs to do it?

• How long it will take?

• What is needed for it to be completed?

Executing the Plan

Of course, having a plan is important, but if it just stays in a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper it’s of no value. So think about how you can share this plan and keep it front-of-mind each day and each week to ensure you stick to it and deliver what’s needed.

Here are some tips to help you stick to the plan

• Share it with other stakeholders who have tasks to complete and get their commitment not only to the task but also to the timeline for it

• Add tasks, or milestones to your calendar or project management system

• Use a project management app like Slack to help keep everything and everyone aligned

• Have regular check-ins, at least weekly, with your team to ensure you are staying on track

• Keep a record of all your costs against your budget so you can make adjustments as needed

• Most importantly tick off and celebrate tasks as you complete them

Need help with your brand launch?

At Belong Creative, we've helped many leading and challenger brands across Australia launch their brands to market, both internally and externally. Reach out if you'd like some advice on how you can make a great impression with taking your new or refreshed brand to market.

Article by Simon Druery

Simon Druery is Director and Brand Strategist at Belong Creative. What gets him jumping out of bed each day is helping business owners and marketers craft brands that people want to belong to. When he’s not working you can find him travelling Australia in the family caravan and enjoying a tawny port by the fire.